Duat Mutlaqeen

  • Syedna Idris ImaduddinRA

    Shibaam is heaven on earth. It is the highest peak of Haraaz rising 9000 feet above sea level. Barren beauty punctuated by green terraces stretches as far as the eye can see. The military fort stands mighty, enveloped in a mist of white fog. The edge of the mountain looks out onto a dizzying panorama of Haraaz, and neighboring cities, all the way to the Red Sea. The qabr mubarak of Syedna Idris ImaduddinRA lies here; it is encircled by mumineen who have come for ziyarat from far and wide.

    The hike up the mountain is an adventure in itself. A caravan of four-wheelers winding up through rocky terrain. Red and white uqals trailing in the wind, as several Yemenis cling to the jeeps. Several other mumineen are climbing up on foot. As Aqa Maula’sTUS jeep passes by, the drums beat to the familiar Yemeni tune… Continue Reading

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  • Syedna Noor Mohammed NooruddinRA

    Light Upon Light

    Syedi Hasanji Badshah, on seeing Syedna Noor Mohammed NooruddinRAat an early age, attested, “This Nooruddin is truly the light, bright and brilliant. His person is pure.” He then washed the feet of Syedna NooruddinRA and drank the water.

    Syedna Noor Mohammed NooruddinRA, whose qabr mubarak lies in Mandhvi, was the 37th Dai al Mutlaq. Continue Reading

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  • Syedna Ismail BadruddinRA

    It was 1065 Hijri and Syedna Ismail BadruddinRA the 34th Dai al Mutlaq, was at the helm of dawat.

    Syedna Ismail BadruddinRA was born in Nagar in the year 990 H, the first dai from the house of King Bharmal who embraced dawat at the hands of the early emissaries sent by the ImamAS. Syedna Ismail Badruddin’sRA father, Maulaya RajRA presented him to Syedna Dawood bin Qutub ShahRA, the 27th Dai al Mutlaq in khumus. Syedna DawoodRA nurtured and tutored him and prepared him for the position of Dai al Mutlaq. Continue Reading

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  • Syedna Abdullah BadruddinRA

    The urs of Syedna Abdullah BadruddinRA, the 50th Dai al Mutlaq, falls on the 10th of Rabi-ul-Awwal. As signified by his laqab, “Badruddin”, he was the badr, the full moon that illuminated the path of hidayat for mumineen in the night of satar. He was a erudite scholar and a voracious reader. He had committed the entire Daaim al Islam to memory, and could find any reference in the treatise with awesome accuracy. Continue Reading

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  • Syedna HatimRA

    O Breeze of dawn convey our salaams to the gracious Hatim,
    By resting your cheek on the earth where he lies.

    For what is he, if not a reliever of pain
    And a solace in times of hardship and sorrow

    Syedna Taher SaifuddinRA invokes the morning breeze to fly swiftly to the qubba of Syedna Hatim al Khayraat RA, and convey his salaams on reaching the sacred mausoleum.

    The desire to visit the qubba is the intimate wish of the esteemed poet and of mumineen the world over. Continue Reading

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