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Bayan 3

Today’s bayan further outlined the means for one to increase his prosperity.

Preceding this bayan, a short bayan explaining the importance of Surah al-Falaq was delivered. The one who recites this surat seeks protection from four evils: the evils of this world, the evils of night, the evils of sorcery and the evils of jealousy.

In one of his sermons, Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin ‑ stated, that the following surahs be recited 7 times: al-Hamd, followed by al-Ikhlas, then al-Falaq and finally al-Nas. Both young and old should recite them and seek protection from all evil doers.

While describing the month of Shehre Ramadan, Rasul Allah SA stated that this is the month in which livelihood and sustenance is distributed. Today’s bayan then elaborated upon six traits that increases one’s livelihood.

  1. Allah’s ibadat. One should seek further prosperity by praying the 5 farizat namaz, as well as sunnat and nafilat.
  2. By spending in good causes: Wajebaat, muwasat, sadaqa and qardan hasana
    • Amirul Mumineen Maulana Ali AS states, ‘When you become impoverished, engage in trade with Allah Ta’ala by giving sadaqah (by giving zakat wholeheartedly)’.
    • In a waaz mubarak delivered over four years ago, Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS directed us that in times of difficulty one should offer wajebaat with even greater consideration and care, so that our barakat may increase manifold.
  3. Amirul Mumineen Maulana Ali AS states, ‘Some morsels are such that they prevent many more’. While traveling even one wrong turn can cause a person to end up far away from his intended destination. Likewise, even one act of haram, no matter how small, can result in one forgoing many blessings.
  4. Feeding others. Maulana Imam Jafar us Sadiq AS states, ‘that the one who offers food to a Mumin for Allah’s sake will receive the divine reward of feeding a million others’.
  5. Seeking Knowledge. Rasul Allah SA assures us, ‘Allah will guarantee the livelihood of the one seeking knowledge’. Therefore, a lifelong pursuit of the Ilm of Aale Mohammed SA guarantees our livelihood.
  6. The Zikr of Maulana Imam Husain.

In Karbala, especially on the eve and day of Ashura, Maulana Imam Husain AS opened for us the doors of material and spiritual livelihood. He spent the eve of Ashura engrossed in Allah’s ibadat, seeking istighfar for all Mumineen and enlightening Ahle Bait and Ashaab with his ilm. On the day of Ashura he heard many a voice from those in distress and came to their aid. He offered water to the battalion led by Hur AS, even to their horses.

Finally, his question to Jibrael on the plains of Karbala transcends the bounds of time and space and shows Mumineen in each day and age the pathway to spiritual and temporal prosperity: wherein lies Allah’s happiness?