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“The stories of Anbiyah are not mere fables but are full of morals for those who may ponder. ”

It is said of AdamAS that he was born in his enemy’s house at Sholabat on the Island of Boran (Sri Lanka). Adam’s name was Taikhoom.

Allah tested the obedience and forbearance of the angels by creating AdamAS and commanding them to prostrate for him as He had taught AdamAS the “asmaa” (names) that the angles were unaware of.

All the angels obeyed Allah’s command and prostrated for AdamAS except Iblees (Satan), who did not obey because of his arrogance. Instead he confronted Allah and said: “I am superior to AdamAS as you have created him from the earth whereas you created me from fire.” This angered Allah and He banished Iblees from heaven. Allah permitted AdamAs and Hawwa to dwell in heaven and eat from its bountiful gardens, but warned them not to approach a particular tree lest they may be counted amongst transgressors.

But alas! AdamAS was lured by Iblees into tasting the forbidden fruit and thus he and Hawwa were banished from jannat.

Adam at once realized his mistake and repented. Syedna Mohammed BurhanuddinRA often mentioned in his bayans that Adam’s repentance was accepted because he sought the intervention of Khamsat AthaarSA.

Syedna Qazi- n-N’omanRA mentions in Daaim-ul-Islam that when Allah commanded the angels to prostrate for AdamAS, they obeyed but with some reluctance in their hearts. However they immediately realized their sin and sought forgiveness by performing tawaaf around the arsh (throne) reciting tehleel and takbeer. Allah pardoned the angels and ordered them to build a similar place of worship on earth where the progeny of AdamAS could go to have their sins forgiven. The angels placed K’aaba on earth, corresponding to the arsh.

When AdamAS was banished from heaven he recalled the penance of the angels and he went to Mecca with Hawwa to perform tawaaf around the Holy Kaaba. Allah the most merciful forgave AdamAS, and he regained his heavenly abode.