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Imam Moiz SA

The 14th Imam, Imam Moiz Billah SA conquered Misr (Egypt). His mamlakat stretched from Al Maghreb to al Hind (India) eastwards and Sicily to the North. The Imam erased the last remaining rebel factions of the Barbars, secured the borders of his sultanate and marshaled a reign of peace and prosperity.

After dispatching with the Barbars, who surrendered their weapons, the Imam SA sent his most trusted military commander Jawhar al Siqilli to al Maghreb to flush out the last remaining pockets of Umayyid rule and influence. The Umayyids fled to al Andalus.

Imam Moiz SA dispatched al Qa’id Jawhar from al Mansuriyah to Misr. At the time, Qa’id Jawhar was very ill and many believed that he would die. However the Imam prophesized, “He shall live to conquer Misr.”

Along with his troops, the Imam sent a hundred camels laden with gold, meant only for decoration. This demonstrated to the people that the Imam was not fighting for money, but for the sole purpose of establishing the deen of Rasulullah SAW.

The victory over Misr was gained at the hands of Jawhar al Siqilli. In the 358 H, al Qa’d Jawhar entered Egypt, and it was a massive victory. The people greeted the commander with joy. The commander entered the city with great pageantry. He mapped the location of the qasr of the Imam and fortified the city of al Qahera.

The Abbasids had ruled over Egypt for 125 years. Al Qa’d Jawhar erased their rule, and changed many of the traditions that they had implemented. He proceeded to Shaam and al Sind and unified these lands and brought them under the steadfast rule of Imam Moiz SA.

Soon after, the Imam SA came to Qahera entering the city with great majesty, followed by family and faithful followers.

The Umayyid, Abbasid, Barbar and Qarmatine threats were neutralized, and the power of government was at the hand of the Imam.

Imam Moiz SA reigned for 23 years. His laqab is Al Ma’ad, and kunyat is Abi Tamim. His qabar mubarak is in Al Qahera.