Imam Al Hakim be amrillahSA

The 16th Imam, Husain Al-Hakim SA was born on the 3rd of Rabi-ul-Awwal, 375 H, and ascended to the throne of Imamat at the young age of eleven. Imam Hakim SA was known for his austerity, likened to that of Amir-ul-Mumineen, Maulana Ali SA. His philanthropy was such that people from all parts of his kingdom flocked to his presence to receive his charity. It was his custom to sit at one of the windows of his palace and distribute alms to the poor, It is said that the account keeper once submitted a written request to Imam SA urging him to reduce his charity, saying that there would not be left any individual in the east or the west who would not seek it. The Imam SA wrote back instructing him to continue the charity as always, emphasizing the belief that Allah was the provider and his resources, unlike those of the human, are inexhaustible.

Imam Hakim SA was very severe on those who indulged in any kind of haraam. He would not let anyone get away with crime and would not delay in dispensing justice. His divine powers were such that no sinner could sin even in secrecy, as the moment one committed a sin, the Imam appeared miraculously and punished him.

Imam Hakim SA preferred solitude and would often venture alone into the forest and stay there for a day or two. His enemies would hide on the way waiting to ambush him, but the moment the Imam appeared their courage failed them.

It happened once, that a mumin traveller decided to rest for a night in one of the masjids in the suburbs of Misr. After praying maghrib namaz, the neigbouring people got together to abuse Imam Hakim SA.. Upon hearing this, the mumin was outraged but could do nothing except pray and seek succour from the Imam SA. The abusers returned for Ishaa namaz and resumed their blasphemy. The mumin spent the night in the masjid and as fajr dawned, the evil people returned to the masjid for namaz. No sooner had they started their abuse than Imam Hakim SA appeared, alone. As he entered the masjid, the twelve people grabbed their knives and starting slashing each other, all the while thinking that they were attacking Imam Hakim SA. All of them were killed and Imam Hakim SA left the masjid, the amazed mumin by his side.

These miraculous manifestations of the Imam led many to believe that he himself was the Almighty Allah. Historians have also written maliciously about him in the same vein. Centuries later when Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin TUS undertook the colossal task of restoring Imam Hakim’s SA magnificent Al-Jamea-ul-Anwar, many miracles occurred during its construction. One was the emergence of a slab which belonged to the original masjid and on which was inscribed the name of Imam Hakim SA. The contents of the slab removed all allegations against the Imam SA as his name was clearly prefixed with the phrase “عبد الله ” meaning, “the servant of Allah.”

Many sporadic uprisings took place in the reign of Imam Hakim SA and in all of them Allah bestowed victory to the Imam SA and the Fatemi Kingdom strengthened and flourished.

Imam Hakim’s SA ‘ghaibat’ occurred when he went out towards the forests as per his custom and never returned. He was then 36 years old. May Allah’s salawaat be upon the Imam SA.

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