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Imam Ahmed ul MasturSA

Imam Ahmed ul Mastur SA is the son of Imam Abdullah bin Imam Mohammed SA. He is the ninth Imam in the line of succession.

The second Imam of the Aimmat Mastureen SA, Imam Ahmed SA maintained seclusion. He resided in Silmiyah, from where he dispatched his Duat to the corners of the world to spread the word of his dawat, without revealing his name and location. Disguised as a tradesman, the Imam would travel from city to city. At the hands of his Duat, his dawat spread and stretched far and wide.

The Abbasi khalifa, Al Mamoon, a conniving and deceptive man, with his murder of Ali bin Musa al Kazim, believed that his plan to end the line of Rasulullah SA and remove the Hujjat of Allah from the face of the earth a success; and so sought to change the shari’at of Rasulullah SA and turn the people to Greek philosophy.

When the people began to be seduced by these forces, the Imam feared that the people would deviate from the sunnat and shari‘at of Rasulullah SA, and so he composed volumes of cumulative scientific and philosophical knowledge and wisdom as hujjat over Al Mamoon and his followers that their designs to extinguish the light of Allah will not succeed, and that the rightful Imam is present on earth as has been in every age and time.

He named the encyclopedia “Ikhwaan us Safaa wa Khullan ul Wafaa,” and ordered for copies to be placed in every masjid. The purpose behind the composition was to reveal the virtues of Nubbuwat, especially the maqam of Rasulullah SA. Ikwaan us Safaa is a collection of 52 treatises, divided into 4 categories, each category corresponding to a letter of his name احمد

Al Mamoon knew that his plans had been foiled, and so devised another plan. He used the Fadak of Maulatuna Fatema SA as a lure. He announced that Abu Bakr had been wrong, and that if the rightful heir of Maulatuna Fatema SA revealed himself, the Fadak would be returned. A Dai of the Imam, an honest but gullible man, contacted Al Mamoon, who demonstrated nothing but deep repentance for his evil ways and a desire to redeem himself before the rightful Imam. The Dai, taken in by his guile, took the petition to Imam Ahmed SA and repeatedly professed the honesty of Al Mamoon, but the Imam knows the secrets that lie in the hearts of men.

The Imam permitted the Dai to say that the Dai himself was the Imam, and that he was merely testing Al Mamoon by not revealing the secret sooner. If Al Mamoon relinquished his power and throne like he had promised, then the Dai was right and Al Mamoon was true. However if that did not happen, then the Dai would know that the Imam was right.

The Dai returned to Al Mamoon, and as soon as he said that he was the Imam, Al Mamoon ordered his beheading. Realizing his own naiveté and the truth of the Imam, the Dai uttered his last words: “My Maula was true! He hath informed me that thou art a Tyrant.” When the executioner informed Al Mamoon of this, he knew that he had failed yet again, he had not been able to capture the Imam.

والله متم نوره ولو كره الكافرون