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Imam Ali AzzahirSA

When the 17th Imam, Ali Azzahir SA ascended the throne of Imamat after the ghaibat of his father the 16th Imam, Husain Al-Hakim SA, he was only 16 years of age. He did not disclose the ghaibat of his father for a period of time till the kingdom stabilized. The Imam enforced the shariat, revived the sunnat and put an end to bid’at (corrupt practices) in all parts of his kingdom. His name was proclaimed in khutba in Misr, Haramain (Makka Moazzamah and Madina Munawwarah) and in other parts of North Africa – such was the sway of his kingdom. His days were marked by peace, progress and the absence of any uprising and bloodshed. Cities and towns were safe and secure.

During the reign of Imam Hakim SA, Hasan al Farghani claimed Godlike status for the Imam and led many people astray by his blasphemy. After Imam Zahir SA became Imam, Hasan didn’t relent and created greater havoc. When, after being warned repeatedly, he refused to repent, Imam Zahir SA, ordered his execution and cleansed the kingdom.

Imam Zahir SA expired in a garden on the outskirts of Cairo in the month of Sha’ban, in 427 H. His body was taken to Cairo and interred there along with his fathers. He was thirty-one years of age. May Allah’s peace and salawaat be upon the Imam SA.