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Imam Ismail al MansurSA

Imam Ismail al Mansur SA succeeded his father Imam Mohammed al Qa’im Biamrillah SA when the insurgence of Dajjal was at a rise. Imam Ismail al Mansur “the Victorious” SA took on the title of Amir ul Mumineen only after he annihilated Dajjal and eradicated the darkness of his fitnat. His letters and dispatches before were issued from the office of “wali-e-ehed,” the heir apparent.

It was written that Imam al Mansur SA would destroy the forces of Dajjal, and bring peace to the kingdom. His father said of him when he was yet in the womb of his mother: “This is the alleviator of hardship, the extinguisher of the fire of fitnat. Allah will extinguish the fire of Dajjal’s fitnat at his hand.” And so it came to pass.

Imam Mansur SA recounted a dream in which a man showed the Imam a piece of parchment. The Imam, upon seeing circles drawn upon it, asked what they indicated, and the man answered: “Thy kingdom.” And as the Imam gazed at the parchment, darkness seemed to consume the circles, all except the one nearest to the Imam. The Imam asked what the darkness meant. The man told the Imam to place his finger on the circles one by one. As the Imam did so the blackness disappeared and the circles reappeared as before.

After his defeat at the gates of Al Mahdiyah, Dajjal fled with his horde of Berbers from the high mountains; however he had not been completely defeated.

The year 336 H was the year fated for the annihilation of Dajjal and eradication of his evil. The Imam SA asked his followers to rejoice. He said: “if I do not capture Abu Yazid al Dajjal, I am not the son of Fatema SA, and not the Imam.” The day of the final battle between the armies of the Imam and al Dajjal was fierce and bloody. The fighting continued well into the night. Defeated on the battlefield, Dajjal retreated to the fort of Kiyanah.

At dawn the following day, he was smoked out of the stronghold, and captured and brought before the Imam to stand trial. He was found guilty of crimes against the shariat of RasulullahSAW and of atrocities committed against his ummat. The Imam SA ordered him to be thrown into the dungeons where he died.

The fitnat ended, and Imam al Mansur SA emerged victorious. He declared the title of Amir ul Mumineen Imam Ismail al Mansur Biamrillah SA.

The Imam, having brought peace to the mamlakat, worked on strengthening the dawat, and appointed Syedna al Qadi al Noman RA as chief justice. The seat of the dawat had been moved from al Mahdiyah and affairs of state were being conducted from the city of al Mansuriyah.

Imam Ismail al Mansur Billah SA succeeded his father at the age of 33, and reigned for 7 years. He is the thirteenth Imam. He passed away in the year 341 H. His qabar mubarak is in Al Mahdiyah.