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Imam J’afar us SadiqSA

Imam Abu Abdullah J’afar bin Mohammed us Sadiq SA is the son and successor of Imam Mohammed ul Baqir SA, and the grandson of Imam Ali Zain ul Abedeen SA. The great-grandson of Imam Husain SA, he is descended from Amir ul Mumineen SA and Maulatuna Fatema SA, the daughter of Rasulullah SAW.

Rasulullah SAW was known as “Al Sadiq” and “Al Amin” among the people of Mecca since childhood. Imam J’afar us Sadiq SA was known as “Al Sadiq”, the Truthsayer, and “Al Kamil”, he who is Complete. The ilm and hikmat that his forefathers possessed, that which had come from Rasulullah SAW, the messenger of Allah and harbinger of Islam and Shariat, was his esteemed inheritance.

One day Imam Sadiq SA was walking with a cane, and was met by someone who asked him: “O son of Rasulullah SAW, are you yet so old as to use this walking stick?” Imam Sadiq SA answered: “No! You are correct, but this is the cane of Rasulullah SAW and I use it for barakat.” The person said, feigning surprise: “Allow me to kiss the walking stick of Rasulullah.” But Imam Sadiq SA retracted his hand and would not permit him. “By Allah!” he said, pointing to his arm. “Surely you know that this is the flesh of Rasulullah SAW and this is his hair, and yet you do not kiss it!”

Imam Sadiq SA dominated all circles of knowledge from a young age. The learned and elite scholars, many of whom were his students SA, bear witness to his unbounded ‘ilm. Abu Hanifa, an Islamic scholar of his age, attests that Imam Sadiq SA answered the unanswerable questions, those which other men of letters failed to answer. The Quran says: “We gave him judgment when he was a boy.”

Like Amir ul Mumineen SA, the bearer of the ‘ilm of Rasulullah SAW used to say: “Ask me before you lose me!” Imam Sadiq SA spoke the immortal words and said: “Ask me before you do not find me anymore, for no one will address you with ‘ilm the way that I do, until the arrival of your sahib” (i.e. Imam Mahdi SA).

Scholars of Islamic jurisprudence unanimously accept Imam Sadiq SA as an authentic source of knowledge.

His esteem and maqam are undeniable; were undenied even by those who were not under his allegiance and had not sworn fealty to him.

Imam Sadiq SA, seeing the love and fealty of many of his followers commented: “Religion is nothing but love!” He, who binds himself to us, loves us; who are we? We are Ahl e Bayt.” With the tongue of Wisdom, he declared: “Allah will renew the deeds of this man each day seventy fold, like that of a worshipper who has prayed for seventy years. Because of whom? Because of the love of Ahl e Bayt.”

Imam Jafar us Sadiq SA performed nass on his son Imam Ismail SA.The succession of Imams will remain in the progeny of Imam Ismail till the day of Qayamat.

Imam Jafar us Sadiq passed away at the age of 65 years. His qabr mubarak is next to his father in Jannat ul Baqe’. He reigned as Imam for 34 years and seven months.