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Imam Maulana Al-Imam A-Taiyyeb SA

The 21st Imam Maulana Al-Imam A-Taiyyeb SA was born in Al-Moizziya Al-Qahera on the 4th of Rabi-ul-Akhar 524H. It was a Sunday. He was given the kuniyat Abul-Qasim.

His father Imam Aamir SA, knowing of his own impending shahadat (martyrdom) publicized the birth of his son and made the succession of Imam Taiyyeb SA as the next Imam well known. Imperial missives were sent to all parts of the Dawah in this effect. One such missive is famously known to us as the “Sijil-ul-Bisharat’’ which reached Maulatena Hurratul Maleka RA in The Yemen. She then made it known to all as had been instructed.

When the 20th Imam was assassinated on the 4th of Zilqada 526 H; Maulatena Hurratul Maleka RA  and Dai Zoeb bin Musa RA undertook the task of securing the Oath of Allegiance for Molana Al-Imam Al-Taiyyeb SA from all the Mumineen in The Yemen. On Fridays the masjids of The Yemen resounded with the khutbah being delivered in the name of Imam Taiyyeb AS.

In Egypt this task was undertaken by Imam Aamir`s SA Bab-ul-Abwab; Ibn-Madyan. Meanwhile Abdul-Majid was entrusted with running the affairs of the state. In the beginning Abdul Majid did as instructed and the empire continued in the name of Imam Taiyyeb AS.

Then, during this interim period, an insurgency to capture Al-Qahera was led by Ali-bin-Afzal and his concealed hatred for Aimmat Tahereen (AS) was unveiled. Abdul-Majid also revealed treachery and greed for the trappings of empire.

Mumineen were thrown into disarray and the kingdom was in turmoil allowing Ali bin Afzal`s offensive to gain strength. He succeeded in imprisoning Abdul Majid. Adbul Majid’s son Hasan also joined his ranks and this reign of depravity gained momentum.

A vast number of Mumineen were killed and treasures pillaged. Ibne Madyan RA and four of the noble duat, Naslaan, Azizi, Raslan and Qunnas were murdered. Imam Aamir SA having foreseen these dismal events had made travel preparations for his son. As the insurgency gained momentum Imam Tayyib SA along with his ‘Bab-ul-Abwaab’ Abu Ali RA, the remaining noble ministers of the Dawat and Mumineen Mukhliseen left Misr and migrated towards the western hemisphere where they sought seclusion. After Imam’s seclusion persecution of Mumineen led to their exodus from Misr. It is said that 600 Muminaat fled towards Maghrib. The collective departure of so many left the palaces of Misr vacant and homes abandoned as the centuries long period of ‘satr’ began.