Imam Mohammed Al Qa’imSA

The Fatemi dawat and dawlat was founded in Al Maghreb (Tunis) with Al Mahdiyah as its capital. Imam Mohammed SA whose laqab is “Al Qa’im Biamrillah,” and whose kunyat is “Abil Qasim,” succeeded his father Imam Al Mahdi SA to the throne as Imam and sultan.

Imam al Qa’im SA maintained justice, taqwa and upheld the true shariat of Rasulullah SAW as it remained unchanged in the hands of its veritable owners, the Aimmat Fatemiyeen SA. Unyielding was his reign; but the open and hostile attacks of the dissidents and defiant disbelievers onto the dawat and dawlat of the Imam SA, caused turbulence and unrest. The dissidents practiced open war against the Imam SA, audacious and conceited in the face of their eventual doom and downfall, for Allah sees all and no misdeed goes unpunished.

In the year 323 H, the enemy, Makhlad bin Kaydad al Dajjal rose before the Imam SA from the mountains of Auraas in al Maghreb with an army of Berbers from the high mountains. His malicious and destructive path brought him to the gates of Al Mahdiyah, but he was stopped at the spot where the arrow of Imam al Mahdi SA had struck the ground, for Al Mahdi SA had prophetically stated: “Dajjal shall stop here, and between him and al Mahdiyah will remain the distance of an arrow.” And so it was.

The Imam SA had ordered a ditch to be dug around the city. Dajjal lay siege to al Mahdiyah for many days, but could not penetrate the walls. The Imam SA ordered the servants to form a look out from the terrace of the palace, and wave his sword in the air when Dajjal retreated in defeat. Soon enough, the guards said, “Dajjal has gone as far as he will ever go and no further. Rejoice, for you shall never see him again before this city.”

The retreat was the result of a massive defeat before the gates of al Mahdiyah. Many of the Berbers were killed, and Dajjal was forced to return to al Qayrawan. The beginning of the end of the fitnat of Dajjal was at hand.

As Dajjal laid siege to al Mahdiyah, Imam Al Qa’im SA did not engage him in open combat. The members of his majlis talked amongst themselves, that if the Imam rose and confronted Dajjal, Allah would surely relieve the mehnat with ease. They beseeched the Imam SA, but the Imam answered: “If Abu Yazid al Dajjal came to my door, I would not go out to him.” This mehnat was to be resolved at the hands of his son, AL Mansur “the Victorious” Ismail SA.

Imam Mohammed al Qa’im Biamrillah SA reigned for 12 years. He passed away on 13 Shawal 334H.

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