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Pearls of Wisdom

Marking twenty years since Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin RA presided over Ashara Mubaraka in Dubai and nearly ten years since Maula’s RA wafaat, his beloved successor, Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS declared ‘hub’ (love) – which has an adad of 10 – as the central theme of Ashara Mubaraka 1445H’s waaz.

Rasulallah SAW stated, “The most beloved to Allah are those who are atqiya (pious) and akhfiya (keep [their actions] hidden). Atqiya refers to those who protect their souls, refrain from sin, and act upon the knowledge they have acquired. Akhfiya has two opposing meanings in the Arabic language: to reveal and to conceal. The actions that our faith deems compulsory, such as namaz and hajj, are those we should do openly, and should not shy away from doing so even in front of others. On the other hand, there are nawafil (virtuous deeds), such as sadaqah, that are required, but not obligatory, which we should perform in secrecy.

For years, Imam Ali Zain al Abedeen AS, ventured out in the darkness of the night to deliver food to those living in hunger in the streets of Medina. In spite of the anger someone may feel by being called ‘mashkiwala’  which is today’s equivalent of the derogatory name ‘dabbawala, compounded by the pain of carrying a heavy tiffin full of food, he gave sadaqah generously and happily. This was a pious act and one he told no one about, until the scar left by the rope of the mashki on his shoulder was revealed upon his wafaat. Because of the Imam’s magnanimity, ‘mashkiwala’ has now become an endearing term: one by which we fondly remember Maulana Ali Zain al Abedeen AS. 

Ziyaad Al Aswad travelled long and far to the hazrat of Imam Mohammed al Baqir AS. When he arrived, the Imam AS asked him about his condition, why his feet were blistered and battered. Ziyaad explained that too much time had elapsed since he last had the privilege of the Imam’s AS deedar. He expressed that when he feels overcome by the weight of his sins, he remembers Maula and his mohabbat as the source of salvation! So, he gathered the little money he had and bought a young camel; it was weak and unable to carry him for the entire journey, so he often travelled on foot. Ziyaad did not openly share the hardship he faced; he kept it hidden, only explaining when the Imam AS asked him. Moved by Ziyaad’s quiet perseverance in fulfilling his haqiqi hajj and the adversity he overcame in the name of mohabbat, Imam Mohammed al Baqir AS exclaimed three times, “Faith is nothing but mohabbat (love)!”

In this vein, mumineen have travelled far and wide to attend the majalis of Imam Husain AS with our Maula TUS. We do not make the troubles we faced to be with Maula TUS apparent, for we are all one in this act, and have one intent and one alone – to remember Imam Husain’s sacrifice.

Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin RA and Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS are Aale Mohammed’s AS beloved do’at, so selfless in the khidmat of Rasulallah’s SAW progeny that they radiate the noor of Imam al Zaman AS. They call upon their precious mumineen to grieve and lament Imam Husain’s AS ultimate sacrifice in Karbala, to wail and mourn him openly and expressively without reservation. And it is our love for Maula TUS that inspires us to respond a thousand fold. This is the essence of hub!