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Pearls of Wisdom

2nd Moharram, 1446H

The land of Sindh has been graced with Ashara Mubaraka 1446 H. Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS chronicled the numerous times in the past that Syedna Taher Saifuddin RA and Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin RA presided over Ashara Mubaraka in Karachi, each after achieving a historical triumph for dawat. Likewise, this Ashara Mubaraka follows the legal victory of Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS in Bombay High Court. After this fateh mubin, and to mark Maula’s TUS eleventh Ashara Mubaraka since ascending the throne of Dai al-Mutlaq, the waaz centered on Rasulallah’s SAW ahaadith that contain amthaal (examples): a word that appears eleven times in the Quran.

Examples and similes facilitate the understanding of a difficult or intangible concept, in simple and often relatable language. For example, if one simply states that “this man is like a lion,” one would know that he is courageous and strong. The Quran and our Awliya Kiraam AS use easy-to-understand examples and similes to guide and teach us. For example, Jannat is like a garden, full of fruits, flowers, and streams. With the help of physical terms, we can comprehend spiritual and other-worldly concept. Similarly, once, an aarabi asked Rasulallah SAW what the aayat ‘holding on to the habl (rope) of Allah,’ means, for there was no physical rope hanging from the skies that he could hold on to. Rasulallah SAW pointed to Maulana Ali AS, and stated that “He is the habl of Allah.”  Immediately, the aarabi ran to Maulana Ali AS and embraced him, proclaiming that may Allah bear witness that I have held on to the habl of Allah. Rasulallah SAW explained the meaning of the aayat, indicating that if a mumin remains steadfast and holds onto Maulana Ali AS, and Awliya Kiraam AS, he will have truly held onto Allah’s habl, and will attain salvation.

During today’s waaz, Maula TUS, through the similes and examples interwoven in four of Rasulallah’s SAW ahadith, underscored the rarity, steadfastness, strength, and purity of mumineen.

  • A mumin is like a red ruby;
  • A mumin in his faith is like a horse hitched to a post; it will always return to its post;
  • A strong mumin is like a date palm; one who is weak is like freshly grown grass;
  • A mumin is like a honeybee; that which it consumes is pure and that which it produces is also pure.

Red rubies are rare and incredibly valuable; they are resilient and can withstand an enormous amount of pressure without breaking. Mumineen are the same: they are the rare jewels only found in the treasures of Awliya Kiraam AS. Their faith and belief are indestructible no matter what hardship befalls them: flames cannot melt them.

A horse tied to its post will never stray. It will roam as far as the rope allows, but it will always return. Mumineen will never and can never be separated from their post – from their faith and Maula’s mohabbat. They may pursue their livelihoods in different corners of the world with speed, understanding, and strength, as a student, a doctor, a scientist, a writer, and countless other professions. Throughout, they will remain steadfast and never abandon their Maula. Their mohabbat will always keep them close.

A date palm survives and thrives in the toughest of conditions; it bears fruit during times of drought and extreme heat, surviving on small quantities of water. There are those amongst mumineen whose faith is strong like a date palm; they will refrain from sin and remain firm during periods of adversity. And there are also those who are like freshly grown grass; they will drift with the wind, but will never break. They may falter and sin, but they are rooted in their faith and mohabbat.

A honeybee’s inputs and outputs are both pure. They take in that which is pure, and produce clean, sweet honey. Mumineen, in the food they eat, the livelihoods they pursue, and the knowledge they seek, are pure. They diligently ensure that that which they consume is halal. A mumin’s business or profession is conducted with integrity; and his earnings are dedicated to khidmat, zakat, and halal pleasures. For what is earned by halal means will be spent on halal; and that which is earned through haram will be spent on haram. Mumineen immerse themselves in the teachings and knowledge of Aale Mohammed AS and steer away from false truths or concepts that go against our faith.

Our Awliya Kiraam AS are nonpareil, beyond comparison. What is to be said then, about mumineen who bear their mohabbat in their hearts? For them too, Maula TUS passionately exclaimed, there is no comparison. Especially in the zikr of Imam Husain AS, the passion with which they mourn; the commitment with which they close shop during Ashara Mubaraka; the care and attention they take in order to reach before waaz begins; and their zealous expressions of noha wal aweel are unparalleled.