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Pearls of Wisdom

4th Moharram, 1446H

Rasulallah’s SAW as’haab are Panjatan Paak AS, Aimmat Tahereen AS, and Doat Mutlaqeen RA. Though in distant places and distant times, they are with Rasulallah SAW spiritually. They are our guiding stars, leading us along the right path. In today’s waaz, Maula TUS elaborated on the ahadith of Rasulullah SAW that describe his as’haab and ummat using examples and analogies:

  • Among my ummat, my as’haab are like stars; those who follow them will receive guidance.
  • Among my ummat, my as’haab are like salt in food; food has no taste if not seasoned with salt.
  • My ummat is akin to rain; it is indeterminable if the first drops are better or the last.


The night sky is a beacon for those seeking direction – both physically and spiritually – but one needs to learn how to be guided by the stars. Celestial navigation is an ancient tool used to help travelers determine which direction they are traveling. By placing two sticks in one line, and watching how a star moves relative to that line, one can identify the cardinal direction they are traveling in. Awliyaullah SA provide us with guidance but one must be ready to seek and accept that guidance.

 When Amirul Mumineen AS asked Jabir if he wanted to travel to Madinah to do Rasulallah’s SAW ziyarat, Jabir immediately expressed his desire to do so. He followed Maulana Ali’s AS instructions, and upon arriving in Madinah, first did ziyarat. Because of his pure niyyat, he was granted tawfeeq to also remember to collect his hidden stash of gold, and before leaving, to perform ziyarat a second time as an expression of gratitude. On his return, Ali AS endearingly exclaimed that Jabir had accomplished two things at once! Jabir demonstrated that when we put our faith first, it benefits both our worldly and spiritual endeavors. Likewise, when mumineen travel to Mumbai, they first go to Raudat Tahera, do ziyarat of both Maula RA, and then proceed to conduct their business; before they return, their gratitude brings them back to Raudat Tahera.

The Arabic word ‘as’haab’ is the plural form of the word ‘saheb,’ which can be defined as ‘friend.’ In light of Rasulallah’s SAW ahadith, Maula TUS described 3 tenets of friendship, stressed the importance of both making and being a good friend, and cautioned us against those with poor character. As someone’s friend, one should be a light in their life, a guide and companion for them; one should cultivate a friendship such that helps to strengthen their friend’s affairs; and finally, one should be dependable and ready to help, with modesty, from start to finish. For a friend in need, is a friend indeed. In his counsel to his son Imam Hasan, Ali AS described 4 kinds of people one must not befriend: an ahmaq (idiot),  a bakheel (miser), a fajir (licentious person), and a kazzab (liar). These individuals can cause material and spiritual harm.

A mumin, then, must befriend those who benefit him always, provide solace in times of need, sacrifice everything for him and bring him safely to the shores of salvation. Such friends are none other than our Awliya Kiram AS.