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Milad Nabi SAW

The Milad al-Nabi SAW waʿaz mubarak was a recording of that of al-Dai al-Ajal Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin RA delivered in London in 1426 H.

In this waʿaz mubarak, Huzurala RA recounted in detail the events leading upto the birth of Nabi Mohammed Rasul Allah SA and the milestones in his historic life. Rasul Allah’s SA  origin is traced back to the light in a candle circumambulating the throne of Allah Taʿala. Rasul Allah SA states,

“My Lord created me from His radiance and created all things from my radiance.” 

This radiance was passed from ‘virtuous fathers to chaste mothers’ until reaching Rasul Allah’s SAW respected father Maulana Abdullah AS. Rasul Allah SAW was born in Aam al-Feel (Year of the Elephant), the year named after the primary event that took place that year: the failed invasion from Yemen by Abraha with his army of elephants. It was the impending blessing of the birth of Nabi Mohammed SAthat staved off the threat and ended in the enemy’s defeat.

Several miracles and signs indicated the auspicious birth of Rasul Allah SA. In the celestial spheres the eaves-dropping satans were struck back from listening in on the divine by stars; henceforth they would not be able to do so ever again. On earth the Agyaari fire went out, the revered waters of Sava dried up, a crack appeared in the palace of the Kisra emperor and idols fell from atop the Kaaba.

Huzurala RA spoke of the unique traits of Rasul Allah SA which included the following:

  • No matter who he would be walking with he would always appear taller;
  • No shadow of his ever fell upon the earth;
  • No matter where he went a cloud would shade him;
  • The moon itself rocked his cradle;
  • Any steed he mounted would neither tire nor lose weight;
  • Even as his eyes slept his heart would be alert;
  • He was aware of everything behind him just as he was of that before him.
  • Pebbles and stones did tasbih in his hands; and
  • No impression would be left of his footprints on soft ground, yet his feet could leave an imprint on a hard surface.

Rasul Allah SA was born on a Monday, he ascended to his heavenly abode on a Monday, made the hijrat on a Monday and was sent as a prophet to the people on a Monday. Surah al-Maedat was revealed on a Monday, and on a Monday trees were created.

When the aayat shareefa, “اليم اكملت لكم دينكم” (Today, I have perfected for you, your Deen) was revealed it was a cause of both joy and sadness. Only a few understood its meaning – as a portent of the prophet’s passing. When Malak al-Mawt placed his hands upon Rasul Allah’s SA head he exclaimed that it was as if the mountain of Uhud had been placed upon it. Malak al-Mawt did araz that he had only placed his hand as a mother would upon her infant child. Rasul Allah SA instructed Malak al-Mawt to burden him as was necessary but to spare his people. In his last moments he called Maulana Ali AS near to him to reveal the eternal secrets before his soul passed through Maulana Ali’s AS hands and on to the eternal realm.

May Allah Taʿala grant Syedna Aali Qadr Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS a long life and evergreen health until Qiyamat.