Syedna Noor Mohammed NooruddinRA

Light Upon Light

Syedi Hasanji Badshah, on seeing Syedna Noor Mohammed NooruddinRAat an early age, attested, “This Nooruddin is truly the light, bright and brilliant. His person is pure.” He then washed the feet of Syedna NooruddinRA and drank the water.

Syedna Noor Mohammed NooruddinRA, whose qabr mubarak lies in Mandhvi, was the 37th Dai al Mutlaq.

Syedna Noor MohammedRA was granted a ring by the 35th Dai Syedna Abdut Tayeb ZakiuddinRA, which symbolized his ascent to the exalted position of Dai. His education began with the recitation of the Quran e Majeed and his upbringing was in the manner befitting a future Dai.

During the reign of the 36th Dai, Syedna Mussa KalimuddinRA the governor of Jamnagar plotted to extort a great sum of money from dawat. As collateral he tricked and imprisoned Syedna NooruddinRA. Syedna KalimuddinRAwas greatly distressed by this. Shortly after, however, Sydena NooruddinAS was released and returned safely home. Allah is the guardian of his light!

On the occasion of the release, Syedna KalimuddinRA spoke in honor of Syedna NooruddinRA, “This Nooruddin is hablullah, the rope of Allah. Cling to him. Obey him. From this day forth my wealth and the wealth of dawat; its books, treasures, mausoleums and mosques, I bequeath unto him. He is their guardian and keeper.”

Syedna NooruddinRA faced many hardships during his reign as Dai. The king of Jamnagar tried to extort money from SyednaRA, which forced him to leave Jamnagar for Mandhvi. The king confiscated all of Syedna’sRA properties and belongings. Soon after the king, the Dai’s enemy, died a horrific death: his mouth was infested with worms. The following king, Raj Singh, was an admirer of Syedna and held tremendous respect for him; SyednaRA returned to Jamnagar on his insistence. When Raj Singh died, SyednaRA went back to Mandhvi which he made his permanent abode.

SyednaRA passed away, on the 4th of Rajab 1130H. His radiant light lives on in Syedna Mohammed BurhanuddinTUS.

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