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Syedna Abdullah BadruddinRA

The urs of Syedna Abdullah BadruddinRA, the 50th Dai al Mutlaq, falls on the 10th of Rabi-ul-Awwal. As signified by his laqab, “Badruddin”, he was the badr, the full moon that illuminated the path of hidayat for mumineen in the night of satar. He was a erudite scholar and a voracious reader. He had committed the entire Daaim al Islam to memory, and could find any reference in the treatise with awesome accuracy.

Syedna Abdullah BadruddinRA played an invaluable role in the Dawat during the reign of Syedna Mohammed BurhanuddinRA. The Dawat, in those days was in great debt. It had been so since the time of Syedna Abulqadir NajmuddinRA47th Dai-al-Mutlaq. Syedna Mohammed BurhanuddinRA, the 49th Dai-al-Mutlaq founded the Dawoodi Fund to have the debt repaid and Syedna Abdullah BadruddinRAserved the cause alone, devoted and determined.

He would leave early in the morning, while everybody was still asleep, hire a carriage and visit shops for the collection of funds. He would return home, and, finding everyone already resting after having lunch, ask for his meal to be served. At that time, one of his uncles remarked that the one he served day and night did not even wait for his return. After Syedna Abdullah BadruddinRA ascended to the office of Dai, the same uncle admitted, “He who serves is served in turn”.

He passed on his legacy of hard work and determination to his successor Syedna Taher SaifuddinRA, saying, “Yesternight, I have placed the crown of the Dawat on your head. I know that dark clouds of conspiracy and discord surround the Dawat. And you are alone. But fear not, because the hand of Imam- uz-zaman is on your shoulder. And I pray that he may grant you the honour of his zuhoor”.