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Editorial: 9.5 1432

The gardens of Ilm e Ale Mohammed are ripe with every variety of fruit. These are so abundant that if a fruit is plucked, it is at once replaced by another. For those who are fortunate to savor these varieties, the taste lingers forever whetting the appetite for more.

By the raza and dua Mubarak of Maula <sup>(TUS)</sup>, Misbah has completed 52 issues over 7 years; this is our 53rd issue. Misbah issues have ranged from Fatemi history to science and logic; from practical issues of shariat to philosophy and belief, excerpted from the Kutub of Ale Mohammed <sup>(SA)</sup>. Also, it has invited reader interactivity through quizzes, vocabulary tests and photo blogs. A special section was dedicated to introduce kids to Fatemi concepts, language and character building. All in all, we would like to thank all writers, contributors and readers who have helped make this effort a success.