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Editorial : 5.5 1428

Munajat is the expression of personal thoughts and desires to Allah and it is a rare privilege for mumineen to be privy to these feelings. Awliyaullah KiramSA have composed munajat both in prose and poetry, the munajat of Imam Zain ul AbedeenSA is legendary. It was Syedna Taher SaifuddinRA who began the tradition of writing a munajat every Lailat ul Qadr. By the wasila of the PanjatanSA, the AimmatSA and the DuatRA he sought dua for himself as well as for the well-being of mumineen. Aqa MaulaTUS followed this divine tradition. As Lailat ul Qadr draws closer mumineen wait to obtain a copy of the munajat composed by their Maula, Syedna Mohammed BurhanuddinTUS and partake of its spiritual meaning and barakat, for they are certain that by its barakat all their prayers shall be answered.