Editorial: 6.2 1429

“I want to be like my father and mother”

Little girls sew like their mothers, and spread their little masallas and pray beside them- said Maula (TUS) as he explained the concept

محاكاة الاباء والامهات

which will underlie all activities of Ayyam-ut-Ta’abudat al Mubaraka this year.

From the time they are born, children instinctively tend to imitate their parents- this is how they learn the skills essential for survival. The behaviour, habits, language and customs of the parents exert a subtle but sure influence on the growing child.

As the child is brought up, so he shall bring up his own children; ensuring the perpetuation of tarbiyat from one generation to the next.

It is only natural then, that mumineen strive to emulate their spiritual father, their Maula (TUS) in word, deed and character- albeit in their individual capacity. And even as they endeavor, Maula (TUS) graciously showers them with the dua of Imam Jaffer us Sadiq (SA) “May your lives be our lives and your death ours.”

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