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Editorial : 5.2 1428

We frequently hear the word tafadi, yet we fail to grasp the depth of its concept, or to incorporate it in our deeds. Tafadi, or sacrifice, is not painless, yet the power of love (mohabbat) makes it possible, even desirable. The greater the devotion and mohabbat we have for our Maula (TUS), the greater is the desire for tafadi.

Tafadi can be divided into three basic categories: wealth, family and the self.

Wealth is the most transitory of the three, yet it is the hardest to give. The haq of tafadi is not complete until one believes that whatever he owns is Maula’s, and that whatever Maula (TUS) asks for he should give without question.

No sacrifice of family and children can be greater than that of Kerbala. A mother sacrificed her son for Imam Husain (SA). She desired to get the son married, but the son’s tafadi on Imam Husain (SA) gave her even more happiness.

Sacrifice of the self is the ultimate sacrifice. One of the As-haab of Imam Husain (SA) expressed the essence of this sacrifice in his words, “I will sacrifice my life for you, and if Allah gave me life again I would sacrifice it for you once more. And should Allah continue to grant me one thousand more lives, I would continue to sacrifice them for you. Even then, my obligation of tafadi as your humble servant would not be fulfilled. “