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Editorial : 5.3 1428

Yemen! To this land of picturesque yet treacherous terrains we trace our roots. RasulullahSA said of this land: Deen is Yamani, Rukn is Yamani and Baitullah is Yamani. This alludes to the fact that the land of Yemen, once, comprised of most of the Middle East. Amir ul MumineenSA was sent twice to Yemen; historians recount that wherever he stepped barren lands turned into fertile fields.  The qabila of Hamdan became loyal devotees of Amir ul MumineenSA, and Amir ul MumineenSA in turn said of them that were he the gatekeeper of Jannat, he would receive them with the words, “Enter in peace”.

It was to this land that Dai Abul Qasim was sent to prepare for the zuhoor of Imam MehdiSA.  Dawat already existed in Yemen, and at the hands of Dai Abul Qasim it spread far and wide and the followers increased manifold.

Mumineen continued to reside in Yemen under the leadership of Dai al Jazira. After Dai Mukarram, Maulatuna Hurrat ul MalekaRA became the Hujjat ul Jazira. By her efforts, and at her hands, was the onset of dawat us satr; by the Imam’s orders she proclaimed Syedna ZoebSA the first Dai al Mutlaq.  Yemen thus became the central office of dawat.

It was the beginning of satr, and Duat MutlaqeenRA faced several atrocities from the munafeqeen, forcing them to consolidate their fortresses and armies by continuous warfare. Alongside, the Duat of Yemen spread knowledge, authored kutub of akhbar, taweel and haqiqat, and consolidated the faith of Islam. Syedna HatimRA was the epitome of generosity, Syedna Ali bin Mohammed Al-WaleedRA was the paragon of ikhlaas, and Syedna IdreesRA was superior in all virtues.

Although mumineen have lived in Yemen for centuries, there were certain periods when it seemed that Imani culture and traditions were all but lost. But today, 1400 years of history came alive during the visit of Aqa MaulaTUS to Yemen. Mumineen felt the barakat of Amir ul Mumineen’s visits, and witnessed the glory and splendor of the Duat ul Yemen.