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Editorial: 6.3 1429

‘Ilm un Nisbat, the science of relativity, as conceived by the Ikhwan us Safa, analyzes two or more entities to determine similarities and differences in terms of form or quantity. It also looks at how one entity is related to another. Man, for example, is a complicated creature: his physical and instinctual qualities are related to animals, while his intellectual being is an offspring of the spiritual world. It is for him to determine whether he will foster his animal instincts, or cultivate his intellectual self, the a’ala nisbat (superior relation). Education cultivates the intellect, but not even professors or scientists claim, or even believe what they teach has any relevance after death. It is only the ‘ilm of Ale Mohammed that will nurture man’s spiritual self to benefit him here and in the hereafter. Every tasawwur that is inculcated with raza mubarak, will be affiliated to the Dai al Mutlaq, but that which is not will be of no use. It is by this very nisbat (affiliation) with his Maula that a mumin will benefit in both worlds.