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Editorial: 6.4 1429

دارا نماز نسس روزه نا ايا          سكهـ ححين سككلا نمازيو ثثايا

Syedi Sadiq Ali Saheb says in one of his nasihat, “The days of namaz and roza are here; worshippers have found their happiness and peace.” The days of ‘ebadat are here, RasulullahSA has said that of all kinds of ‘ebadat, the sajda brings a mumin closest to Allah. The sajda denotes ta‘at, a complete surrender of heart and soul to Allah, and from sajda is derived the word masjid. Masjid literally means a place of sajda. When Aqa MaulaTUS inaugurated the masjid at Bradford, he said that a masjid reminds mumineen of the last sajda of Imam HusainSA in which he did dua for mumineen till the end of time. In these days of ‘ebadat, let us pray for a long life for our beloved Maula by the wasila of this last sajda.