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Editorial: 7.3 1430

It is the surat of shifa, the surat that does not contain the ‘fa’ of aafat (calamity). The Surat ul Hamd. When Imam HusainSA was sick, Jibraeel descended upon RasulullahSA and instructed him to recite al-Hamd forty times in a bowl of water and sprinkle it on them. Aqa Maula Syedna Mohammed BuhanuddinTUS is the embodiment of al-Hamd, the adad of hamd is fifty-two which manifests his maqam. His breath of shifa cures all ailments, big and small, physical and spiritual. Taweez bestowed by his hand wards off evil and protects against disease. His maseehi hand cures pain, and his words can give speech even to the dumb. In fact, calling out his name, alone, can protect against danger and provide succor to the ill.

Hence, when MaulaTUS was taken to Saifee Hospital, mumineen became restless, anxious and uneasy. Their hearts wept while their lips prayed and their hands rose and fell in matam. For long days of waiting, they remain immersed in ‘ibadat all over the world; and many walked miles towards places of ziyarat, some even on their knees. Then finally one day the glad tidings arrived, the news that MaulaTUS had returned home. Mumineen breathed easy and raised their hands in gratitude for Allah.

After 48 days, mumineen did deedar of MaulaTUS; throughout the world it was a day of eid.