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Editorial: 7.5 1430

Barakat is intangible, yet everyday mumineen feel the effects of Barakat in their hearts and homes, especially in Shehre Ramadan. It is hardly possible to explain the concept of Barakat in another language; the dictionary defines “Baraka” as to grow and increase in number. Indeed, in this month, every faraz is worth 70 faraz, every sunnat and nafelat earns the sawab of a faraz, reciting a single ‘ayat from the Quran is like reciting the entire Quran. When the Dai accepts wajebat, he bestows invaluable words of dua, “Khuda Barakat ape”. Mumineen know that the amount of which wajebat has been given will never be forsaken, and feel that even a little functions as much more, one serves like a hundred, a hundred like a thousand: many have seen their businesses expand and grow like never before. Barakat is in fact tangible!

خاصةً اخلاص ما بركة تهائي