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Editorial: 7.6 1430

Al Masjid al Azam in Kufa stands stately and majestic, gloriously restored in honor of the momentous events that it represents. Most heart-rending among these are the last four years of life that Amir ul Mumineen spent absorbed in ‘ibadat. Here he delivered his disourses replete with ilm and hikmat. Here he resolved disputes among his followers and the jinn. In this masjid he met the legendary KhadirAS. In this very masjid he sat on a haseer eating barley flour from a case kept in lock and key, so none of his family could mix sugar and ghee in it, for AliSA preferred it plain. It is here that his son, AbbasSA cried when a glass of water was dropped, and AliSA cried with him in remembrance of the tragedy of Kerbala. And finally in the mehrab of this masjid he was struck by the poisoned sword of Ibn e Muljim as he uttered his last words, “Fuzto wa rabb il kaba”. As mumineen sat in the masjid listening to the words of their Maula, the Dai of Amir ul Mumineen, and his cries of “Ya Ali Ya Ali” they felt these events unfold before their eyes.