Editorial: 8.2 1431

“I never believed in miracles before that fateful day!” said Rasikbhai Vadilal Doshi, a Hindu man in Jamnagar who was desperate as his son was nowhere to be found. A friend advised him to approach Aqa MoulaTUS who was in Mandvi at the time to seek his dua. Aqa MoulaTUS asked the man to bring the son’s clothes. Moula left for Mumbai soon after. The man came to Mumbai with the clothes. MoulaTUS blessed them with shifa. The son returned to his father within a week. Wherever MoulaTUS sets foot, miracles abound. During this safar he replenished a dried-up well outside the house of Syedna Noor Mohammed NuruddinRA, bestowed speech to a child who couldn’t speak, gave shifa to the ill and more. But the greatest miracle of all is that he rescues troubled souls and confused minds and brings them back to the path of salvation.

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