Editorial: 8.4 1431

Taba’at , translates as obedience in English, but its true meaning encompasses much more. Taba’at is a complete surrender to the will of Maula at all times, without a moment’s hesitation, without reasoning and without exception. Before Rasulullah’sSA Mab’as, Muslimeen prayed towards Bait ul Muqaddas. When Allah commanded Mohammed RasulullahSA to change the qibla towards Baitullah instead of Bait al Muqaddas, one Muslim was in prayer. As he heard the command, he changed his qibla immediately, in the midst of his prayer; this is taba’at indeed. Taba’at is difficult, but to mumineen it comes hand-in-hand with mohabbat: for if you love your MaulaTUS unconditionally you obey him unconditionally.

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