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Editorial: 9.2 1432

A hundred years. Each year like a hundred years in the life of other men.  A magnetism that has drawn thousands towards the Dai and dawat. A nurturance with maternal patience together with fatherly love. A hundred years of compassion, both earthly and spiritual.

Syedna Taher SaifuddinRA had said, “The birth of Mohammed has spread barakat in the dawat”. This barakat has multiplied through the years penetrating the hearts and homes of mumineen across the globe. Every mumin is compelled to express the sentiment, “He who has Maula has everything”.

A hundred years of deliverance: Maula has held the hand of each mumin and conveyed him to the doors of heaven.  No wonder then that even if a mumin should sacrifice his life in gratitude towards his Maula, not once but a hundred times, it would be too little.