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Editorial: 5.1 1428

The month of Moharram ul Haram is the first month of the Hijri calendar. RasulullahSA was asked: After Ramadan which month is the most virtuous over others, for fasting? RasulullahSA replied that it was Moharram ul Haram, which is also called the month of Allah.

In the beginning of this year, 1428, Allah bestowed us with taharat, karamat, salamat, islam, iman, yumn and amn as Aqa MaulaTUS mentioned in the first waaz.

While some cultures celebrate the new year in indulgence, MaulaTUS cleansed us of sins, consolidated our belief, and showered us with divine barakat. He blessed us with the khair of buka and matam on Imam HusainSA, and the nur and rizq of the ‘ilm of Ale MohammedSA. Over ten days, mumineen sat enraptured as MaulaTUS enlightened and inspired. The volumes of knowledge imparted in these sermons ranged encyclopedic: from the times of Adam to the day of Qiyamat, from the secrets of Ibd‘a (beginning) to the mysteries of Ma‘ad (end), from the history of the AnbiyaAS to the history of the Duat Mutlaqeen(RA), from philosophy and taweel to fatherly counsel. At the heart of all this knowledge, of course, was the supreme sacrifice of Imam HusainSA in Kerbala.