Editorial: Shawwal ul Mukarram 1436

Labbaikya Dai al-Allah,” echoes on the lips of thousands of Mumineen in response to al-Dai al-AjalSyedna MufaddalSaifuddin’sTUSmandate for each and every one to attend AsharaMubarakawaaz from the very first day. The eight days before Ashuraentail preparation and training through the barakat of ´ilmAale Mohammed SA, so that on the day of Ashuraour matam and bukaa’ on Imam HusainSA is as AwliyaullahSA desire.

All over the world, Mumineen have resolved to answer their Dai’s call. Students are taking leave from schools and colleges, some even forgoing exams, employees have made arrangements with their firms, and businesses will close down for the duration of ten days. With the courage of conviction, they can make anything happen. They have nothing to fear, nothing to lose, but all to gain for Husain ImamAS and his DaiTUS have taken guaranteed their livelihood and more.

Ohbat is more than physical preparation: it is priority setting; it is a mind-shift. It is a training to take advantage of every moment, absorb every bayaanand treasure it, and shed unceasing tears on Imam HusainSA.

It was on the 2nd of Moharramthat Imam Husain’sAS horse came to a halt on the scorching sands of Kerbala marking the beginning of the Imam’s journey to akherat. It is from this day that our journey of matam and bukaa’ will commence a journey that will take us to jannat, wallahiinshallah.

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