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Editorial: Zilhaj, 1436

The zikr of Imam HusainAS is eternal. From the beginning of time, AmbiyaAS have cried for HusainAS.

When AdamAS fell from heaven to earth, he went on a search for a home. When he came by Kerbala he became ill and felt a tightening in his chest. Allah informed him that this was the land where his son Imam HusainAS would be martyred. AdamAS cried for Imam HusainAS and said lanat on his slayers.

When Nuh’sAS safina reached Kerbala, it encountered harsh winds and tumultuous seas. NuhAS was told that this was the sacred land where HusainAS would be martyred, on which Nuh NabiAS shed unceasing tears of grief.  When Ibrahim’sAS horse reached Kerbala, it tripped and he stumbled to the ground bleeding. The Nabi was informed of his son Husain’s shahadat on that very land. The Nabi cried for him and said lanat on his slayers. Musa Nabi’sAS herd of cattle refused to graze when they passed through Kerbala. Musa NabiAS was apprised of Husain Imam’sAS shahadat, to which he shed tears of sorrow and anguish. When EisaAS was offered vinegar moments before he was slain on the cross, he remembered Husain ImamAS who would be offered nothing, not even water for three days before being martyred on the day of Ashura.

The Panjatan Paak have cried on Husain ImamAS. During his final moments, RasulullahSAW was sent a hanut from Jannat. He divided it between himself, AliAS, FatemaAS and HasanAS. He did not give a part of this hanut to HusainASHUsa, and instead told him of the time when he would be martyred by the enemy and his jism mubarak left on the scorching sands without kafan or dafan. Maulatena FatemaAS, in her final moments, beseeched Allah for forgiveness for Ali’s shia by the wasila of eachu drop of Husain’s blood. Amir al MumineenAS, in his last Ramadan, broke his fast on three morsels, in remembrance of his son Husain’sAS hunger and thirst for three days before his shahadat. Hasan ImamAS, moments before his death, embraced HusainAS Imam and cried for his brother who would now be alone against the enemy and would be slain at their hands.

The seas, the stones and the skies turned red when Husain ImamAS was martyred. Imam HusainAS son, Maualana Ali ZainulabedeenAS cried for his father everytime he was served food or drink. Yet, on his deathbed he claimed that he had cried for 40 years but that that was not enough. Each of the Aimmat TahereenAS cried for Imam HusainAS, the Duat MutlaqeenRA cried for Imam Husain (SA), Syedna Mohammed BurhanuddinRA cried on Imam Husain for fifty years. Syedna Aali Qadr Mufaddal SaifuddinTUS is calling mumineen for the zikr of Imam HusainAS from all corners of the world.

The second of Moharram is the zikr of AdamAS, the third is the zikr of NuhAS, the fourth is the zikr of Ibrahim NabiAS, the fifth is the remembrance of MusaAS and EisaAS. From the sixth, Aqa MaulaTUS will begin the zikr of Panjatan Pak. Each waaz will abound with the zikr of Aimmat Tahereen and Duat MutlaqeenAS, especially the 52nd Dai Syedna Mohammed BurhanuddinRA. We will attend Ashara Mubaraka from the very first waaz, take heed of every precious bayan, and every day we will beseech Allah with the wasail of these Mawali TahereenAS for strength to do matam and buka. Imam Husain’sAS zikr, matam and buka was and will live on until the day of Qayamat.