Mufaddal Maula TUS Chennai 1443 Safar Mubarak

22 Shabaan Al Kareem, 1443 Hijri

The chants of Ahlan Wa Sahlah, pervaded through Chennai, from within the hearts and homes of every Mumin to the masjids, minarets and landscapes of the city. For there was a skip in every step and an urge of overwhelming gratitude when the news of Aqa Maula’s TUS arrival reached the city.

When a Dai Mutlaq graces any land or city with his presence there is an abundance of barakat that is seen and continues to be seen through generations to come. The difference and growth in human spirit is so palpable and real that even the ordinary is touched with extraordinariness. And so from the humble perspective of an ordinary person, let me elucidate why Mufaddal Maula’s TUS visit to Chennai was so special.

The cause

A masjid was waiting for its Dai. Aqa MaulaTUS visit to Chennai was centered upon the inauguration of the new masjid. However, there are multiple reasons (some that we might know and so many others that we cannot even begin to imagine) why a Dai chooses to visit a particular place. Mufaddal Maula TUS  graciously arrived in the city for the inauguration of the masjid. Yet, just as the masjid had been waiting earnestly for him, so were the thousands of his followers. And when a leader makes his way into the city, masjids, streets and homes of his followers there is a positive and heartfelt energy that ripples from him reaching the furthest corners. For all the said and unsaid wishes and emotions that were either on the surface, our lips or buried in our souls, found not only expression but also, Maula’s gaze, acknowledgment and smile. For he heard even what was never said, with as much truth as what was.

All in a day

A 24 hour day might seem to have its constraints. There is only that much one can do in a day! But as is famously known, the tasks and things that Mufaddal Maula TUS completes within a single day, are mind boggling. Maula TUS was in Chennai for around 4 days, but it seemed like a life time to most of us. Each day was packed with so much to do, observe, contemplate, reiterate, ponder and absorb. Of course, Maula TUS day is incomparable with any other. Each day there were several qadams, ziyafats, qadambosis. There were misaqs, nikahs and nisbats. There was namaz in the morning and evening and then there was the Waaz Mubarak on the Urs Mubarak of Maulatona Hurratul Maleka RA. Maula TUS in two hours achieves results worth two days/months/years and or even a lifetime. But the proximity, both physical and spiritual with him makes even the laziest of amongst us spring in energy and enthusiasm. Just a ‘Ya Hussain’ by Maula has our full focus and endeavor on doing buka and mataam. Just a split minute of deedar can invigorate us and make us into a better version of ourselves. Yes, the self when connected with an elevated and pure soul, seeks to become more satisfactory and effective.

All ends well

Just as the preparations for Maula’s TUS arrival were in full swing, there were speculations and concerns of how and when could each one of us seek his blessings. Would we be able to pray namaz and do deedar? Would we be able to see Maula TUS  from close quarters and would we be able to listen to the waaz in quietude? When would we get our chance of doing deedar or qadambosi? There was anticipation, concern and an underlying fear that we hoped against hope of not missing out or being left bereft due to our situation, circumstances, miscalculations, misdeeds and sins.

But the benevolence of our leader is such, that each day there were umpteen opportunities for each Mumin. Perhaps we got tired some days but never did Maula TUS. Perhaps, we slackened in spite of several possibilities, but never did the possibilities cease. From the first day to the last, Maula TUS  continued to toil for our sake.

There is so much more, but in cases such as these, words often fail. It is the sentiments and immense feeling of being loved, accepted and blessed that stays forever. There is no end to the barakat that Maula TUS  left behind. But we ask for more, because we know that from whom we ask, has unlimited goodness for accommodating all our wishes. And so we ask and pray to Maula TUS  to visit Chennai once again. And this time on the occasion of 1444 Ashara Mubaraka. We seek his duas and the ultimate blessing of listening to the Ashara Waaz and doing buka and matam of Imam Hussain AS in front and alongside him. Ahlan wa Sahlah Ya Maula TUS.

– Tasneem Sariya