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Shahr Ramadan: 30 days of blissful purpose

 Shahr Ramadan: 30 days of blissful purpose

Out of the 12 months of the year, if there is one month that is different and unlike any other, it is Shahr Ramadan or Shahr Allah al-Moazzam. The 30 days and nights of this blessed month turn our lives around completely. With fasting, namaaz, reciting the Quran and duas, doing hifz, silat, trying to make it for imamat namaz every day, bihori, sihori and more, Shahr Ramadan transforms our days and lives. But it is not just the physical amals or tasks that change us. It is the internal, emotional and spiritual elevation and development that helps us take a peek at our truest potential. It is also a social bonhomie that was pending for the last two years. As we all gather in our masjids or markazs there is a coming together of conversations, the building of friendships and a mingling of the community and community efforts.

Mufaddal Maula TUS in Taherabad

Now, when the month of Ramadan means so much to a simple Mumin, its relevance, reverence and importance for Maula TUS is definitely unfathomable. Some years back, the images that conjured when one thought of this month, were that of Maula TUS in Hasanfeer or in Saifee Masjid. Many years of Ramadan with Burhanuddin Maula RA remind us of Raudat Tahera and Badri Mahal. However, in the last couple of years, mostly thanks to the pandemic, another image has etched itself in our minds when we think of this holy month. It is that of Mufaddal Maula TUS sitting alone humbly under the benign shade of the turbat of Syedi Fakhruddin Shaheed QR.

This year, however, as the new normal, was pretty close to our old normal days, Shahr Ramadan too felt like a freshly nostalgic affair. Mufaddal Maula TUS graced Taherabad with his presence as Mumineen from all over, following the rules of sharia and sawm, made their way day after day, in the scorching heat to finally reach their destination that was not less than the cool waters and sweet breezes of paradise itself. For their thirst was quenched and their desires fulfilled upon entering the premise where both Maula TUS and Fakhruddin Shaheed Maula QR reside. And their prayers were answered upon placing their heads both on the qadam mubarak of Mufaddal Maula TUS, as well as on the turbat of Syedi Fakhruddin Shaheed QR.

The far-reaching effect

For those who were lucky to have been there, in the blessings and barakat, would have noticed the immense peacefulness, sincerity and abundance of unadulterated purity. An ambiance of piety and prayers, an aura of divinity and solace. As for those who were miles and miles away, the essence of it permeated through, reaching and touching them through the dua mubarak of Maula TUS, their interactions with khidmat guzaars, the stories of happiness and thankfulness of the Mumineen who prayed with Maula TUS, offered wajebaat, did qadambosi, deedar and ziyarat.

Whether it was through the misal sharifs, Maula’s TUS munajaat, the recordings of bayan mubarak and wasila mubaraka on the 19th and 23rd Ramadan or the lavish spread of Maula’s TUS jaman, Mufaddal Maula’s TUS duas and barakat reached each and every one of us.

The schedule

Ask any Mumin how their daily routine changes during Ramadan! For it surely does but in miraculous ways. In spite of fasting and having crazy sleep schedules, there is a sense of achievement. A feeling of having actually done something, of adding meaning and purpose to our lives. But this sense of accomplishment is found and multiplied when it fixes itself to the collective aim of seeking the happiness of Aqa Maula TUS. And it finds its energy and influence from understanding Maula’s TUS schedule as well.

In Taherabad, Aqa Maula TUS after fajr namaz sat in the qubba mubaraka of Syedi Fakruddin Shaheed QR for more than an hour each day. Mumineen quietly did ziyarat from one end, as Maula presided over the other, reciting the Quran and praying duas. Maula TUS sat, as a deferential, unassuming worshipper and watching him wrapped completely in devotion and modesty, was ibadat itself for all those who either watched him from close quarters or for all others whose homes today have that one photograph that is an epitome of reverence and prayer.

After zohar asar namaz, Mumineen flocked, vehicles made way and the guards and khidmat guzaars directed them towards the bethak where Maula TUS presided, listening to all the arzs, accepting wajebaat, gesturing, talking, smiling and watching over every Mumin. After maghrib namaz and iftar, Maula TUS often went for qadams and ziyafats, until the day ended with bihori, sihori and the beginning of the next day.

The day after

Lailat al-Qadr is a benchmark in itself for various reasons. One is that we often regard it as the beginning of the end. From there onwards, the days are counted backward. And just when most of us are too tired and have excuses lined up for our slight slackness, Maula TUS set out for Baroda, Mumbai, and then Misr within 48 hours of Lailat al-Qadr.

The physical, mental and emotional vigour that Maula TUS possessed to achieve just the actual travel and movement from one place to another is awe-inspiring. The government of Egypt welcomed Maula TUS for the inauguration of the Zarih Mubarak and one cannot even begin to imagine the spiritual ardour and verve that Maula TUS must have felt on the arrival and ziyarat of the Raas Mubarak of Imam Hussain AS.

Lastly, today after we bid adieu to Shahr Ramadan and are basking in the celebrations of Eid we thank Allah for His multiple blessings. But the most important of them all is the good fortune of having a Maula to look up to, to learn from, follow, cherish and love. We are thankful that under the shade of Aqa Maula’s TUS barakat each day, just as Eid, is filled with peace and happiness.


– Tasneem Sariya