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Four Bricks of Gold

Eesa NabiSA travelled constantly during his life. During one of his journeys he came across a man who asked if he could accompany him on his travels. NabiSA agreed and they set forth. Walking along they had many conversations and got to know one another. After travelling for a distance, both became hungry and tired. Eesa NabiSA instructed his companion to go to a particular town and proceed to the house of a man whom Nabiullah knew to be good and decent. “Ask him for four rotis” he said, “four rotis will be enough to satisfy our hunger.”

The man did as he was told: he asked for and received four rotis. In his hunger and greed he ate one roti on the spot and brought back only three to Eesa NabiSA. Allah intimated what had happened to His NabiSA. The man presented the three rotis to the NabiSA. EesaSA asked, “O brother, where is the fourth roti?” “That man gave me only three rotis,” he lied in response.

Eesa NabiSA knowingly remained silent and divided the three rotis among them.

They continued on their journey until once more they felt hungry and tired. They were in the midst of a jungle and there was nothing to eat. Suddenly a herd of deer passed by, Eesa NabiSA commanded one of the deer to wait. The deer obeyed and stayed. Eesa NabiSA commanded, “let the meat of this deer be roasted and ready to eat.” And so it came to be. Both ate, and then placed the carcass back into the animal’s hide. Eesa NabiSA commanded “Live again and walk away.” The deer came back to life and went on his way.

The companion was amazed to see this miracle. “O NabiullahSA,” he said “Allah has graced you with such might in this moment of difficulty. What powers he has given you!”

Eesa NabiSA replied, “Indeed, this is a great benediction of Allah and no other person on earth has received such a gift. Now I ask you, be truthful, how many rotis were there?”

The companion failed to fear the wrath of Allah and continued to lie to Eesa NabiSA. “There were only three rotis!”

They journeyed on and came upon a body of water that they had to cross. There was not a boat in sight. “What shall we do now?” asked Eesa NabiSA. The man replied, “Allah has granted you great powers, you must perform a miracle.”

“Very well” replied the NabiSA, “come hold on to my robes and walk behind me.” NabiullahSA stepped on to the water. Both miraculously walked upon the water and safely crossed over to the shore. The man was once again astounded to see the great ability with which Allah had blessed Eesa NabiSA.

The NabiSA acknowledged, “Indeed I do possess these powers, but do tell me, how many rotis were there?” The man continued with his falsehood, he failed to fear the repercussions of being dishonest to the Nabi of Allah.

They set out once more. Walking along, they spotted four bricks of gold on the ground. Immediately upon seeing them, his greed overcame him, for that was the only reason he was accompanying the NabiSA on this journey. He feigned before EesaSA and said, “I am extremely tired, I find myself completely unable to walk with you. Please proceed as you wish, I will find my own way home.”

NabiullahSA understood right away that the man was greedy for worldly things, but he was aware of what would soon befall him. He left him to his fate and proceeded onwards.

The man was in a dilemma, how would he carry these four bricks all by himself? If he were to take help from someone he would have to give them a share, and he was too greedy to part with even a tiny bit of gold.

Suddenly, three men approached. Seeing that the man had four gold bricks, they immediately set upon him and killed him. They snatched the gold bricks. They gleefully discussed, “we have become rich on this journey, we have achieved success! Come let us have something to eat as we are famished. One of us must go into town and get some food.”

One of them set off. He reached town and bought some food. He thought to himself, “why not poison this food so that when the other two eat, they will die and I alone will get all four gold bricks.” He laced the food with poison.

Meanwhile the other two plotted, “when he returns with the food we both shall kill him so that we may divide the gold equally amongst us.” The man brought the food, and they both attacked and killed him as planned. They began to rejoice in their success and hungrily consumed the poisoned food. Both fell prey to the poison and died. The four gold bricks remained as and where they were while the four who had coveted them lay dead besides them.