A Matter of Perspective.

There was once a kind and just King, he had an immense empire, and was benevolent to his subjects. He was astute in handling matters of his kingdom and known for his greatness and glory. His palace was famous for its grandeur. Unfortunately he was completely unaware of matters of the hereafter. He paid obeisance instead to idols and followed a pagan religion.

He had a trusted vizier upon whom he showered magnanimity. The vizier was well versed in the true religion and matters of salvation. He longed to guide his King to the true path, yet he could never find an opportunity, as the Ruler was immersed in his belief system and could find no fault with it.

He sought the counsel of a friend, who advised: “Seek the correct moment, for there is a proper time and place for your words of wisdom.” The vizier was always on the lookout for such an opportunity.

One night the King suggested to him, “Let us go out into my kingdom to see how my subjects fare. They went out in disguise, for the great emperor could not otherwise go unrecognised. They came upon a foul smelling garbage heap. A filthy man sat upon it, wearing tattered clothing. He was serenading an unpleasant woman, also wearing rags. He sang odes to her beauty, and she recited verses for him as though he was a handsome prince. They sang together and chanted,” Oh Lord let us remain forever in this most beautiful place and in this wondrous state.”

The Ruler and the vizier were dumbfounded. “I cannot comprehend the joy they are demonstrating!” exclaimed the King. “Indeed, were we to bring them to our palace for a night and dress them in our finery then return them here the next, I vouch they will not feel the same way about their state again!”

The vizier found the opportunity he had been awaiting. “My King, is it not possible that there are those who look upon us and our life in the same manner?”

The King was a thoughtful man, he responded to the vizier’s line of thought; “who can this be? Is there a greater kingdom than ours on this earth?” No” replied the vizier. “Then who are these people who would look down upon us?” the King asked.

“Your majesty,” replied the vizier,” the bounties of earth are like the garbage dump compared to the bounties of Heaven! The people of Jannat are in a most exalted place, a place where we all must strive to reach.”

“Is there a way to reach there?” the King asked eagerly. The vizier gladly proceeded to acquaint him of the true path. The path of righteousness and Iman.

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