Kitab al-Majaalis wa al-Musayeraat is a chronicle written by al-Dai al-Ajal Syedna Qadi al- Noman RA in which he recorded everyday events that occurred in the court of Imam Moiz le Dinillah AS. In its introduction, he states that narratives of previous Aimmat TahereenAS have been passed down by those who lived amongst them. Because of their efforts, he states, we have received the barakat of Aimmat TahereenAS. In order to continue this tradition, SyednaRA collected the daily occurrences of Moiz Imam’sAS court so that future generations may avail from that barakat.
Syedna RA relates that he heard Moiz Imam AS praising one of his duat who had passed away, the sterling qualities of honesty, truthfulness and faithfulness he possessed. He used to purchase musk (kastoori) for the Imam AS. To weigh and pour the musk, he would first lay it out on some cloth of his, and then pour it. Naturally, some of the fragrance would remain on his cloth. In lieu of this he would add some of his own money to the amount Imam had given him, as a safeguard against embezzlement. Imam Moiz AS offered his priceless du´aa’ mubarak for the Dai.
He also stated that one mumin related that he would sometimes pour water so that the aforementioned Dai could wash his hands. After washing his hands, the Dai would take the vessel from his hand and attempt to wash his hands. The mumin would decline, upon which the Dai would say “If your intention in washing my hands was thawaab, then I need thawaab more than you. If you were doing it considering it an obligation, then all obligations are for the Imam.”

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