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The Frail and the Blind

It happened once that two men met up in the jungle and started a journey together. One amongst them was weak and thus unable to even carry his belongings. The other was blind but was strong but had no encumbrances or luggage. During the journey the weak man held on to the hand of the blind man and the blind man shouldered the burdens of the frail man.

In this manner, by helping each other they successfully completed their journey and reached their destination. They did not even make one feel obliged to the other, as it was only with a joint effort and support that they were able to achieve their objective and avoid disaster.

In this parable there is a metaphor full of wisdom.

The weak man represents a poverty stricken individual and the able-bodied man represents a wealthy man. Blindness represents ignorance. One who is wise is gifted with deep understanding. The connection of the soul to the body is like the path of the journey. This earthly life is represented by the jungle, and life in the hereafter is signified by the success in reaching the intended destination.

Imam AS states that indeed all these examples are of those of our brethren who come to the aid of one another for the betterment of their Deen and Duniya.