Abu Ayyub (Maulana Ali’s Shia)

Among those who had pledged allegiance to Maualana Ali(SA), remained steadfast to him even in the face of oppression and brutalities and fought battles with him was Abu Ayyub:

Abu Ayyub: When Rasulullah migrated to Madina, Abu Ayyub was privileged to host him. He was on the forefronts in the battle of Siffeen. He was the one who argued against Khawarij on the day of Neherwan. When Muawyah started openly abusing Maulana Ali, Abu Ayyub confronted him, “O Muawyah, stop abusing Ali.”  Muawyah replied, “I cannot do that.” Upon hearing this, Abu Ayyub left the town, saying, “I swear to Allah that I will not reside in a place where I hear Ali being abused.” He left Madina for a place  near the  sea shore where lived till his death.

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