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Maulana AbizerRA

During the battle of Tabook, some people started deserting RasulullahSA. Whenever a man left, RasulullahSA would say to his followers, “Let him be; if there is any good in him he will join us, otherwise Allah has relieved you of him.” As they marched further, one of his companions lagged behind because his camel was not able to keep pace. The companion had hauled all his belongings onto his back and was trudging along alone. Sometime later when RasulullahSA stopped, he was informed about the man trailing alone on the path.

RasulullahSA said, “Let him be Abizer!” People looked closely and exclaimed, “O Rasulullah, he is indeed AbizerRA ” RasulullahSA prayed, “May Allah have mercy on Abizer -alone he walks; alone will he die and alone will he be resurrected.” Accordingly, AbizerRA, one of the noblest companions of RasulullahSA, died alone in Rabzah, where he was unjustly banished by Uthman.

Maulana AbizerRA was known for his uprightness. Once, he found himself among dissenters who were plotting to usurp Rasulullah’sSAkingdom, and, if they failed to do so, then Ali’s heirdom. Upon realizing that AbizerRA had become a witness to their perfidy, they tried to pledge him into silence. Later, upon reflection, Maulana AbizerRA considered loyalty to their pledge tantamount to treachery with RasulullahSA to whom he had pledged the oath of allegiance. He immediately went to RasulullahSA and informed him about all that had happened. RasulullahSA summoned the dissenters and chastised them. The dissenters swore and denied their actions. RasulullahSA turned towards AbizerRA and warned him sternly, “If, at this moment, your words are not proved true by divine revelation, I will pluck your tongue out of your throat.” At that instance an ayat was revealed to RasulullahSA which proved the truth of AbizerRA and the falsehood of the dissenters. Whereupon RasulullahSA declared, “Neither has the sky covered nor the earth borne a speaker than more truthful Abizer.”

After Rasulullah’sSA death, Maulana AbizerRA would often stand near Ka’aba, draw the attention of the pilgrims and relate to them what he had heard from RasulullahSA about Maulana AliSA and Ahle Bait. This he continued doing fearlessly, until, Uthman, threatened by this open confrontation, had him deported to Syria where Muawiyah was the governor. This did not deter Maulana AbizerRA and he continued to criticize Uthman and Muawiyah. Muawiyah wrote to Uthman, “If you have any interest in retaining Syria, then call Abizer back. Everyday, he stands at the gates of the palace and lambastes me openly.” Uthman wrote back instructing Muawiyah to deport him to Medina on the bare back of a camel. Later, after an altercation with Uthman the latter banished him to Rabzah. When AbizerRA left for Rabzah, Maulana AliSA, accompanied by Imam HasanSA and Imam HusainSA, went to see him off.

Maulana AbizerRA died in Rabzah alone; accompanied only by his wife and a slave. At the time of his death he instructed them both to perform his ghusl, cover him in kafan and lay him on the road, and request the first passerby to assist them in burying him. Abdullah bin Mas’ood happened to pass by with his Iraqi caravan. The janazah kept on the road made them halt abruptly; just in time to prevent the camels from trampling over it. The slave approached Abdullah bin Mas’ood and pleaded, “Help us bury AbizerRA, the companion of RasulullahSA” Abdullah wept and recalled to his fellow travellers what RasulullahSA had predicted about AbizerRA‘s plight. They got down, prayed and buried Maulana AbizerRA.

Maulana AbizerRA‘s legacy of sacrifice was continued after his death by his slave, Joon, who upon his master’s insistence, and on his behalf, laid down his life for Imam HusainSA in Kerbala.