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Jabir bin Abdullah al-Ansari RA

Among all the companions of Rasulullah SA, Jabir bin Abdullah al-Ansaari stands out for his reaching a great age. From being a trusted companion of the Prophet to the trust worthy carrier of his message to his great-great grandson, Jabir traversed a span of time that few others did.

He was blessed with the benevolence of Rasulullah SA who brought both his sons back to life after one had slaughtered the other in play and then used the knife on his self. He witnessed a number of miracles performed by Moulana Ali SA; one of them being that of the noor that emanated from Moulana Ali’s SA finger in which Jabir travelled from Kufa to Medina twice. It was upon Jabir’s insistence that Moulana Imam Hasan SA  prayed, and Rasulullah SA  along with Moulana Ali SA  appeared to declare the righteousness of Moulana Imam Hasan SA in declaring a truce with Mu´awiyah. Due to old age and having lost his vision, Jabir could not accompany Moulana Imam Husain SA in Karbala, but he was the first to perform his ziyaarat and recite salaam by his qabr mubarak.

He had one last important task to fulfil: to convey the salaam and message of Rasulullah SA to Moulana Imam Mohammed al-Baqir SA. One day while walking through the streets of Medina with the aid of an escort, his ears picked out the words of a maid calling out “Mohammed.” Immediately, he enquired and found out that the maid was indeed referring to Imam Mohammed al-Baqir SA, who at that time was quite young.  Jabir approached the Imam SA, kissed his feet and conveyed Rasulullah’s SA salaam and his directive to disseminate knowledge. The word baqara in Arabic means to open and expand; Imam Mohammed al-Baqir SA opened the doors of knowledge and explained the intricacies of sharia. Jabir also narrated to the Imam all that he had witnessed, especially the nass of Ghadeere Khum.

Jabir bin Abdullah al-Ansari is a name that occurs often during the narration of the virtues of Ahle Bait AS and those who dedicated their lives to their service and devotion.