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Zaid bin Soohan and Jundub (Maulana Ali’sSA Shia)

Among those who pledged allegiance to Maulana Ali SA, fought battles with him and remained steadfast to him even in the face of oppression and brutalities was Zaid bin Soohan. It is narrated that one night during one of his battles
Rasulullah’s SA companions heard him repeatedly call out the names of two men: Jundub and Zaid. In the morning, the
As-haab enquired, “O Rasulullah, last night we heard you call out the names of two men. Who are they?” Rasulullah SA replied, “They will be in this Ummah. One of them will strike a blow which will differentiate truth from falsehood and the other’s hand will be severed in the cause of Allah; it will precede him towards Jannah followed later by his entire body.”
The latter of the two, Zaid bin Sauhan’s hand was severed at Jaloola (during the Muslimeen’s campaign against the Persian army). Later, during the battle of Jamal, Zaid narrated to Maulana Ali AS, “O Amirul Mumineen, I see a hand beckoning me from the sky. I am certain that the hand is none other than my own and I envisage myself joining it. O Amirul Mumineen, bury me in the very clothes in which I am killed for it is in that state I will argue with these people. He proceeded towards battle and fought till he was slain.
Jundub, the second person whose name Rasulullah SAW called out, saw a sorcerer in the court of Waleed bin Uqbah, the governor of Uthman in Kufa, and killed him. When Waleed asked him, “Why did you kill him?” he replied, “Rasulullah SA has firmly stated, “The one who sees a sorcerer should strike him with a sword.” Waleed imprisoned Jundub. The jailor, a Muslim by the name of Deenar, released him. When Waleed came to know of this he ordered Deenar to be whipped, till he died. Jundub was martyred in the battle of Siffeen.