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Maulana Hamzah AS

Maulana HamzahAS was the uncle of RasulullahSAW and his fearless and staunch supporter in the early days of Islam. While divine governance mandated that Maulana Abu Talib SA tacitly support RasulullahSAW in his call towards Islam, while his brother Maulana HamzahAS manifest his support, defying all and enduring the atrocities of the oppressors. Maulana Hamzah AS was known for his courage and ferocity in battles. Along with Maulana Ali AS, it was he who defeated the adversaries in the first battle at Badr. The enemies returned with a vengeance in the battle of Ohod. Hind, the wife of Abu Suffyan had enticed a slave called Wahshi to slay Maulana HamzahAS for he had slain her father in Badr. Unable to confront him, Wahshi stalked Maulana Hamzah AS and upon finding an opportunity hurled a spear at him from behind the trees. Maulana HamzahAS fell from his horse. Hind came by him, slit his stomach, removed a piece of his liver and put it in her mouth. She could not swallow it and had to spit it out: such was her spiteful vengeance. When Rasulullah SA came to know about this, he remarked, “had she swallowed a piece of his flesh, she would have escaped the fire of hell, for his flesh would have mixed with hers”.

The sight of Maulana Hamzah’s AS disfigured body enraged RasulullahSAW. He said, “Never before have I stood in front of a sight more agonising than this”. Jibraeel descended with the message, “O Mohammed! It is written among the people of heaven that Hamzah is the lion of Allah and the lion of his Rasul.” RasulullahSA prayed namaaz on his janaazah mubarakah and then when he prayed namaaz on each martyr Maulana Hamzah’s AS janaazah mubarakah was also kept alongside, thus praying namaaz on it 72 times.

When Rasulullah SA returned to Medina after the battle of Ohod, he passed by the houses of the Ansaar and heard the women crying for their slain ones. Rasulullah’s SA eyes were filled with tears upon the realisation that there was no one to cry for Maulana HamzahAS. When the Ansaar came to know about this, they instructed their women to gather in the masjid and cry for Maulana HamzahAS. RasulullahSA prayed for them and sent them back home forbidding them from wailing. Maulana Hamzah AS was buried on the battlefield of Ohod along with the other martyrs, on the outskirts of Madina Munawwarah. Maulatona Fatema SA would frequent Maulana Hamzah’s AS qabr mubarak for ziyaarat.

Syedna Aali Qadr Mufaddal SaifuddinTUS urges Mumineen to perform zabihat on the niyyat of Maulana Hamzah AS and seek his intercession for the alleviation of all kinds of hardships and troubles.