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Maulana Mohammed RA bin Abi Bakr

Maulana Mohammed RA bin Abi Bakr was one of the close and trusted companions of Maulana Ali SA. Born to Asmaa’ binte Umais and Abu Bakr, Maulana Mohammed RA was later adopted by Maulana Ali SA when he married Asmaa’ binte Umais. Maulana Mohammed RA was the result of the du´aa’ mubarak of Maulatena Fatema SA whose heart she had pleased by her profound khidmat during the final days of Maulatena FatemaSA.

Maulana Ali SA had made Qais bin Sa´d bin Ubbaadah al-Ansari the governor of Misr (Egypt).  Qais successfully managed the affairs of state while remaining obedient to Maulana Ali SA. However, he adopted a policy of appeasement towards adversaries. Therefore, Maulana Ali SA replaced him with Maulana Mohammed RA as the governor of Misr. Maulana AliSA instructed him to deal with the people of Misr with gentleness and dignity; to greet them with a smile; to look upon them equally so that the strong did not feel tempted in his oppression and the weak did not lose hope in his justice.

When Qais came to know about Maulana MohammedRA’s arrival, he received him with respect and cordiality. Later, confiding in him, he said, “Though Amirul MumineenSA has removed me, it will not deter me from offering you some useful advice. I am steadfast on his walaayat and obedience. I had to endure the deceitful machinations of Muawiyah and Amr bin al-Aas.  I also had to contain people and protect them from the constant sedition of both. So, O Mohammed! Be cautious.” Afterwards Qais left Misr.

Maulana MohammedRA bin Abi Bakr ensured that justice prevail in the state; gave preference to people of knowledge and integrity and repudiated debauchees and dishonest people.  He stopped disbursing favours to people like Bishr bin Arthaat as they refused to pledge oath to Maulana AliSA.  As a result, they started creating discord and destabilized Misr.

Amirul MumineenSA sent Maualana Malik al Ashtar RA to take charge of Misr, but Muawiyah poisoned him even before he could reach Misr and sent Amr bin al Aas with an army of 12,000 to attack Misr. The battle that took place between him and the army of Maulana Mohammed RA bin Abi Bakr resulted in the death of Maulana Mohammed RA and the few of his companions who remained with him after many betrayed him and deserted the battlefield.

After the shahadat of Maulana Mohammed RA, Maulana AliSA wrote in a letter to Abdullah bin Abbas RA, “Misr has been taken by enemies; Mohammed bin Abi Bakr is martyred. I seek from Allah solace in this tragedy. Mohammed bin Abi Bakr was a sincere son, a hardworking governor, a cutting sword, a protective pillar…”

On another occasion, Maulana Ali SA expressed his grief in the following words, “Why should I not bewail the death of Mohammed bin Abi Bakr? He was my adopted son; the brother of my own sons. I considered him as my own son.”

Maulana Mohammed RA bin Abi Bakr was slain in 38 AH. His qabr mubarak, known as “Mohammed al-Sagheer”, is in the precincts of al-Jame al- ´Ateeq in old Cairo. May Allah’s salawaat and salaam be upon Maulana Mohammed RA bin Abi Bakr.