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Moulana Miqdad bin al-Aswad RA

Maulana Miqdad RA was among the earliest to answer the dawat of Rasulullah SA and embrace Islam. He fought in the battles of Badr and Ohod and was known for his courage and austerity. He was one of the four for whom RasulullahSA said, “Jannat yearns for four: Ali, Salman, Miqdad and Ammar.”

In another hadith, he said, “My Lord has directed me to do the mohabbat of four: Ali, Salman, Miqdad and Ammar.” Maulana Miqdad’s RA lofty status can be gauged from these ahaadith (pl. of hadith) of Rasulullah SA and also from Maulana Ali’s SA kalaam, “The earth has been created for the sake of seven people; it is due to them that all others receive sustenance, rainfall, and succour.” Moulana Miqdad RA was one of those whom he named.

RasulullahSA solemnised Moulana Miqdad’s RA marriage with Dhuba’ah binte Zubair bin Abdul Mutallib, a cousin of RasulullahSAW, from the tribe of Quraish, and used it as an example to show how marriages should be formalised with the utmost ease. In line with this wish of Rasulullah SA, Duat Mutlaqeen have continued to make efforts in facilitating the nikaah of Mumineen.

Islamic historians remember Moulana Miqdad RA as a true shia´h of Moulana Ali SA. He gave Moulana Ali SA an oath of allegiance and regardless of all the trials and tribulations he faced he adhered to its tenets.