Oais al Qarni

Among those who pledged allegiance to Maualana AliSA, fought battles with him and remained steadfast to him even in the face of oppression and brutalities  was  Oais al Qarni.  Rasulullah had said, “There will be a man whose name will be Oais and who will have a white birthmark. Whoever meets him after me should convey my salaam to him for he will intercede on behalf of many on the day of Qayamat.

Oais was present with Maulana AliSA in the battle of Siffeen. One day a man from the people of Shaam approached the army of Maulana AliSA and shouted, “Is Oais al Qarni with you?” The people in Maulana Ali’s army replied, “Yes.” The Shaami replied, “I have heard RasulullahSAW say that Oais al Qarni is among the noble followers.” Thereafter he left the army of Mauwyah and joined Maulana AliSA.

It is said that on the day of Siffeen, Maulana AliSA called out, “Where is the constabulary of death?” (those who have pledged themselves to fight till death). Ninety-nine people stood up. Maulana AliSA said, “This is not the total I have been promised.” Thereafter, stood up a man in a woollen robe. Maulana AliSA enquired, “Who are you?” The man replied, “I am Oais al Qarni.” Upon hearing this, Maulana AliSA said, “Allah O Akbar,” and all of them proceeded towards the battle. Oais was the first to be martyred in the battle of Siffeen.

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