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Sa’ad bin Ubbadah (Maulana Ali’s SA Shia)

Among those who had pledged allegiance to Maualana Ali and remained steadfast to him
even in the face of oppression and brutalities was Sa’ad bin Ubbadah.
Sa’ad bin Ubbadah was one of the chiefs of his tribe, Khazraj. He was known as “al Kamil
(the accomplished),” as he excelled in swimming and archery even before the advent of
Islam. He embraced Islam but did not attend the battle of Badr as he was taken ill due to a
snake-bite. Later on, he fought every battle with Rasulullah SAW . He refused to pledge oath to
Abi Bakr on the day of Saqifah and left Madina fearing for his life. He lived in Hauraan in
Shaam till Abu Bakr died. He also refused to pledge oath to Umar and two and a half years
later he died in that place itself.