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Umr bin al Humq al Khozaa’ee – Maulana Ali’sSA Shia

Among those who pledged allegiance to Maualana AliSA, fought battles with him and remained steadfast to him even in the face of oppression and brutalities  was  Umr bin al Humq al Khoza’ee.  He was one of those few whom RasulullahSAW had named as worthy of Jannat. He survived after Maulana AliSA. When Muawyah pursued him he fled towards an island taking along with him Zahir, also a companion of Maulana AliSA.  They alighted in a valley and during midnight Umr was bitten by a snake thus bloating his body.

Umr told Zahir, “Move away from me, for my beloved Rasulullah had informed me that both Jinn and humans will be involved in my blood; therefore, it is inevitable that I will be murdered. Moments later, both saw the manes of horses galloping in their pursuit.

Umr pleaded, “O Zahir, disappear from here; when I am killed and they sever my head and take it away with them,  you come out and bury my body.”

Zahir declined, “No. Instead,  I will fight them with my arrows till I am also killed with you.” Umr reiterated, “No. Do what I ask you to. Allah will reward you with what you do.”

Zahir concealed himself and the enemies slew Umr, severed his head and carried it with them. His was the first head in Islam to be severed, carried and displayed for people. When the enemies turned away, Zahir came out of his hiding and buried the body of Umr. Zahir survived till he was martyred with Imam HusainSA in Karbala.