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True Eid is marked by the acceptance of deeds, forgiveness of sins and fulfillment of desires. Mumineen in the holy month of Shehre Ramadan fasted, prayed and performed all kinds of pious and noble deeds with one purpose-to witness on the eve of Eid the luminous countenance of our Maulaglowing with health and radiance.

It is the Mohabbat of Maula (TUS) that guarantees the acceptance of all deeds; it is with his intercession that redemption from sins is possible. Indeed, it is for the sake of our deliverance and forgiveness that he endures and suffers pain. And it is his dua mubarak which procures for us the fulfillment of all our desires. Therefore, there is no desire for us greater than the longevity of our Maula in the radiance of health and vigour, for the one who has Maula has everything, and for him every day is the day of Eid.